When you’re out shopping for a realtor there’s many options in Las Vegas there’s over 20,000 Realtors however recent monthly stats show that we had 2908 closings so if every single one of the Realtors in this town close the transaction that would be about 15% of the agents actually had a closing that month. The fact of the matter is some agents have more than one and even have five to 10 when they count their whole team.  Last month is a prime example more than likely 10% of the agents in this Valley actually had a house close. Less than 10% of those agents have the senior real estate specialist designation.

Truly it does matter if the person really cares about you but more important than that is do they know what the products are out there. Will they be able to assist you in getting your questions answered and finding the right property. Agents that have done a lot of business over the years can investigative subdivision and figure out rather rapidly what the subdivision has to offer their clients. They don’t have first-hand knowledge of all the subdivisions that you would consider, ultimately to be your subdivision as long as they know the questions to ask and do their research and apply themselves fully they would be able to help you find what you’re looking for.

Knowledge and experience is the key for the Realtor that you want to represent you. another major key is how good are their listening skills. if they know the questions to ask and listen to your response they would be able to help you find  the closest match we have within our community that fits what you are looking for. Let’s not be unrealistic because they will never find the perfect house for you. You will always want to do some customization and make the home yours to fit your needs and lifestyle.

One thing you should keep in mind is that a buyer’s brokerage agreement is now common among most Realtors. They’re very beneficial because the Realtor can find you anything with the knowledge they have no bounds or limits to what they can find you. The purpose for the buyer’s brokerage agreement is once they can find what your needs are then the Realtor is obligated to do everything possible to find your property. They will find any possible properties and listen for any interest you may have to view them. The buyer’s obligation to the agent  is that when they buy in a specific time frame they will pay their  agent a fee for being their agent unless the agent sells them a property which the seller pays the agent a fee equal or more than the fee in the buyer’s broker agreement.

Then will locate any property, it could be the for sale by owner for sale by new homes for sale by other Realtors and there are no limits or boundaries when a Realtor has an obligation to the senior client. When there’s for sale by owners or things like that that could interest you, they will show you those as well.

Probably the biggest thing that the buyer’s Brokers agreements does is it makes everyone commit as much time as absolutely needed to help you. Without the buyer’s brokerage agreement there’s a very good chance senior agent won’t be selling you a home anyway so they’ll prioritizer home sales time to the people that become their client. The agent will get to work with people they for sure get to help or then you get to be the fillin. The realtor absolutely will devote 100% of their time and effort to find a new the right property when they know that you both have a good commitment to each other.

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