Today’s seniors enjoy a number of senior sporting events that are both individual sports and team sports. There are many avenues for seniors be able to enjoy their sports within communities themselves or individual subdivision. Las Vegas is no exception we have sporting events for all kinds of senior activities. There are bicycle races, track and field events, tennis tournaments, softball tournaments, bocce, hiking and marathons, pickleball, and swimming. The list goes on.

Nearby Las Vegas in primarily St. George, Utah every year they have the huntsman games. The huntsman’s games have many events according to the age of the participant. People can train all year for the field events such as shot put, discus, high jump, and broad jump at the Huntsman games in St. George to compete against others their own age. Many people in a lot of these activities will train all year for their event just as if they were young Olympians. St. George is less than a 2 hour drive from Las Vegas.

There are activities in tournament format for many things such as bocce, pickleball, tennis, senior softball, swimming, horseshoes, racquetball, table tennis, billiards, running, bicycling, handball and others. The competitive nature of persons do not go away as they age. We still enjoy a friendly competition among others and usually you will see very good sportsmanship during all of these activities.

Where the bulk of the sporting activities are not individual time and effort seniors enjoy getting up early and going for a brisk walk or run or bicycle ride or go to the gym and workout. These physical activities support our lifestyle and make as much healthier as time goes on. It is very common to see people up on the mountains around Las Vegas going for hikes many times it’s a great experience for us to take the young children grandchildren and others to go and enjoy nature. What the Las Vegas area and the surrounding areas around Clark County if you go to a new place for an entire year every week you may never run out of selections.

There are places most people have never heard of, like Gold Butte. It is an area Northeast of Las Vegas mostly desert terrain it has some very unique sightseeing opportunities. The Spring Mountain Range has the most strenuous hikes in Clark County area the hike to Mount Charleston Peak is a full day activity if not a two-day activity many scouting troops will hike up to Raintree and spend the night and from there early in the morning. They go to the peak and then return in the evening. The hike can challenge those are in the best shape. If you go the 2 and 1/2 hour drive you can go to Zions Park they have numerous hikes like Angel’s Landing, the Subway, West Rim Trail, and The Narrows just to name a few. The scenery is magnificent, the area can make you appreciate all of what Mother Nature has created in that area.

Biking trails around Las Vegas go for miles Summerlin has over 60 miles of bicycling trails through the community. It weaves through individual housing areas along parks of washes and it is a paved trail for people’s enjoyment. Many seniors however really enjoy the trails that we have cut around the 215 beltway and west Charleston and then further West out into the Red Rock Red Rock itself from The Visitor Center up has a 14 Mile Trail for bicycling that many people go around and enjoy some of the sites and activities and go for hikes and return to their bikes and cycle home is an absolute Pleasant ride and you will find many cycling enthusiasts any day along the way to share a lunch or a drink with.

For those people that really like some adventure, there are many opportunities for rappelling on some of the Rocks around the valley Red Rock Canyon has many sites where people rappel especially on weekends. While rappelling, you almost always see the number of youth learning how to rappel. It is extremely fun. We would suggest to go there with the intent to see what they’re doing. Go with someone that has done to activity. When rappelling after you’ve set up a good rope and you’re ready to go the roughest part is going over the cliff the first time. When the weight from your body is on the rope and your feet are against the wall, it becomes a very fun activity.

When out working on the rappel, it’s not uncommon to have somebody come up and ask to borrow your rope for a run down the wall. Be ready for the expert rappellers. I was up rappelling one day a few years back with some youth and scouts then a man when we finish with our group and waiting as more were hiking up the hill for another trip down. When a nice young man asked, do you mind if I use your rope. He then says will you tell your bolo to get off the rope at the bottom. He slipped the rope through his cord harness, put the rope in his right hand, and ran straight forward and leaped off the cliff face first he flew almost all the way to the bottom and by pinching the rope against his side and belt he stopped 3 feet from the bottom cold stop and stepped like he was stepping out of the car to the ground. I would not recommend anybody doing that scared me to death to watch him do it but I’m sure glad we were there to see it.

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Sporting activities for seniors

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